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Convenient printing
in your dormitory

  • Pay with credit card online
  • Print from Google Drive
    or Dropbox
  • Printer available 24/7
  • The best quality laser print
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Download the app
and print faster, easier and
round the clock

For perfect start you get 15 free pages

How it works?

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1. Upload files

Upload files straight from
your phone, Google Drive
or Dropbox.

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2. Choose a printer

The app will help you to find
the nearest printer.

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3. Print

That's it! Printing with mobile
was never such easy thing.


S package
3.49 zł
L package
18.99 zł
XL package
39.99 zł
15 pages
120 pages
330 pages
7 days
30 days
180 days
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